Monday, March 1, 2010

Brag Book Quick Pages - Gotta Pixel Challenge

These are 4x6 "Brag Book" pages - the idea being that the designing is done, and you just have to drop in a photo or two in each page and you have an instant album. For this challenge, I was given four "mini kits" with paper sized to 4x6, and I was asked to design one page. At the end of the month I will get copies of the pages everyone else has designed for the challenge.

I guess I wasn't paying close attention, because I designed a page for each of the four mini kits, but the minimum requirement was to design one page from the kit of my choice. Oh, well! These went together really fast, so no big deal.

You can see what others have designed by checking out the Gotta Pixel Gallery.

(from top to bottom):
Dusty Bear Designs
Colie's Corner
Shawnery Mathis
Spinky Dink Scraps

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