Friday, December 3, 2010

Font Friday: Pharmacy MMX

I love this font... I first spotted it in use in some Stampin' Up! products, and loved it! When I found it, I grabbed it right away, and ended up using it for a "ReboScraps" logo, which you can see in my current blog header. :)

To me, this font feels a bit classic and retro, but it's also fun and whimsical. You can find Pharmacy MMX here.

I also recently spotted an interesting variation of this font. You'll need a program that can use font as a photo or image to make this kind of change. I started with this, the word Christmas:

Then I transformed it into an image instead of text (if you are using Photoshop Elements like me, right click the layer and choose "Simplify.") Then I "smooshed it" - a very technical term - making the letters shorter. The result is another look for this font!

One other thing to notice in this font is that a few of the letters are different. The first "Christmas" is written in all caps, and you can see the "R," "M" and "A" are different in this word than in the one below. The other letters that differ in upper and lower are "E" and "N."

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