Friday, January 6, 2012 | Photo from Easter 1981

Yay! I scrapped! I actually spent real dollars for a year-long scrap class called "Project: Love, Me 2012" for a couple reasons. One of which was to get some inspiration for scrapping, and the other was so that I would actually scrap something. This is my first page for the class.


Origin: “Rebecca” is Hebrew, meaning “to bind.” Rebekah of the Bible was “a maiden of beauty, modesty and kindness.” “Jean” is Hebrew and means“God is gracious.”

Rebecca is not a family name, but Jean was a nickname of my mom’s.

Like most kids, I often imagined myself with different names, but no longer: I love my name. I like that it’s from the Bible, and that it is a strong name with rich history. I enjoy my nickname, “Rebo,” but... don’t call me Becky!

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  1. Love this page! Glad you like your name too!