Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sewing is a family tradition | 1957-1982

In 1957 my grandma sewed winter coats for herself and her three daughters. My mom, pictured in the red coat, is quite the sewist herself, and made most of the outfits I am wearing in the photos along the left side of this layout. (One of them, 1977, was sewn by her sister Maria for my cousin Gina, and then handed down to me.)

1957: Great-grandma Pronk, Grandma Eleveld, my mom, Aunt Maria, Aunt Johanne
1975-1979, 1981-1982: me
1980: me with mom and brother Ray

* - * The Backstory * - *

I did this page for the Supreme Team IX Contest at
This was hard because we had to use ONLY the kit provided, absolutely no other materials. The theme of the kit was vintage sewing and it had some great elements that inspired my page, but then I ended up wanting to include so many photos... that they didn't make it ON to the page!

Credits: Sew Chic by Tricia Curtis, fonts are CK Ali's Hand and Times New Roman

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