Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two takes on "Chef Aaron" | September 25, 2010

These pages show off all kinds of creativity. For Aaron's 3rd birthday, I sewed a kid-size chef apron and matching hat. His mom made sure to take some great photos and email them to me so I could make this scrapbook page (using Harvest Happiness by Jady Day Studio):

Click here for credits and more projects: The Auntie Album

Of course, being Aaron's mom, Sarah had to make her own page, too... and she picked the same page kit. Two scrapbookers, two pages, SAME page kit... and two completely cute and different pages! Here's Sarah's page:

For credits and more projects, please visit: The Auntie Album


  1. Love it! They are so representative of our different styles. I think these might go on my blog today, too. :-)

  2. 1-I had no idea you guys are related!
    2- what fun to see the two pages. I love the blocking of yours.

  3. Oh my goodness! What adorable pages, you two!! So fun! And, Rebecca, I love the chef hat and apron - so cute! Maybe you can share with me where you got the pattern for it (if you used one). :)