Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 pictures 6 ways

A few weeks ago, I took some photos of my tiny new nephew. Among the good ones, the smaller percentage of the "All" than the ones I recycled, was this series of four shots that I know I want to scrap (the ones on the right):

I could just dig into my stash of templates for one with four photo spots, but one day I was sitting in a meeting and began sketching some page layouts. I haven't decided which concept to use yet, but I thought I'd share my sketches. I originally sketched these with pen and paper, then later "sketched" them in Photoshop Elements for easier sharing.

On the chance that you're a font-o-phile like me, here's the fonts I used in my sketches (left to right, then top to bottom), and naturally, they are all free!

1. Powell & Geary (available at
2. Clementine Sketch (available at
3. Coffee Tin (available at
4. Pass the Chex (available at Scrapbook Fonts)
5. Elise (available at Scrapbook Fonts)
6. Stamp Act (available at

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