Monday, April 26, 2010

I love being an aunt | May 21, 2009

My (totally adorable) nephew has been the subject of several of my layouts, but I've decided I want to be deliberate about creating a series of layouts featuring the little guy. For now, I plan to feature my favorite photo from each month, and do multi-photo layouts, but since this is one of my favorites, it got it's own page. I will probably create an opposite page using the same basic layout to coordinate with it. This is one of my favorite photos because our outfits "matched" (completely unplanned, of course, and don't tell his dad!) and as someone pointed out when I posted this photo on F*cebook, our eyes match, too. Awwww!!!!

Credits: Gigglerific by geniaBeana Scraps
Font: CK Mini


One of the cool things about digital scrapbooking is that the ideas and inspiration online is essentially endless. I can easily spend an hour browsing through galleries enjoying the amazing creativity of others. One of the sites I hang out at frequently is and they host a challenge there called "Grand Theft Layout" in which the entire point is to create a layout inspired by someone else. The layout below is called "ooh boo" and is by Sarah Bennett, who is a designer and scrapper. (Click here to visit the ScrapMatters Gallery and see credits for this layout!) See any similarities with my layout above? ;)

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