Monday, April 12, 2010

Keeping track of Credits in PSE7

I read this tip somewhere recently, and have started using it on all my layouts, so thought I'd pass it on! When creating a scrapbook page, I often use art elements from multiple designers. At the very least, I have art elements plus a font, and sometimes a template. Sometimes, the art elements come from ALL OVER and if I don't keep track along the way, it can take a long time at the end to reconstruct the credits. Since most galleries require credits for posting, it makes sense to keep track, and here's a great way to do it.

Ready? It's not rocket science! HOW TO KEEP TRACK OF CREDITS:

Create a new text layer in PSE, and place it as the top layer of your document. As you add elements, make a list in this text layer. At the end... HIDE it before saving your document to print or post. Anytime you need the credits, they are right there embedded in the document.

For example, the layout I posted yesterday, I Miss Lilacs, was pretty simple and had a pretty short credits list. Here's the layout:
Here's a copy of the layout showing my text layer:

That one was pretty simple, but here's a more complex layout I posted last week, Not Giving Up on My Dreams:

In this layout, nearly every element was from a different designer, so the list was longer. For purposes of this blog post, I moved the credits to a blank area of my page and used formatting so it would look good on-screen, but normally, it's just up in the top left corner like in the image above.

Happy Scrapping!

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