Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Glad We're Friends | Michigan 2009

I've done lots of scrapping in the last couple of months, and probably won't post everything here on the blog, but I had to post this one. When I was creating this page, I literally could NOT stop smiling, remembering how great it was to spend a few days with my dear friend Sarah and her family last summer. What's not to love? We reminisced about our college years, we grilled at the beach, we just enjoyed our time together.

Journaling reads:

At the end of girls weekend, the Syswerdas allowed me to catch a ride with them to Michigan for the next part of my vacation. I spent three days at their house, enjoying some great summer fun! One day we packed up the kids and walked around Calvin’s campus, reminiscing about our college days and admiring the new physical education building. Of course, our trip could not have been complete without a picture of us by “the cheese.” Afterwards, we stopped for a treat at the Traverse Pie Company. Another day we all went to Holland Tunnel Park for a cookout and swimming, and Beth and Joe met us there. No trip to the beach is complete without a trip to Captain Sundae, so we stopped there on the way home. In between, I played play-doh with the girls, cuddled new baby Andrew and enjoyed every minute of the time catching up with my dear friend Sarah. I can’t help but smile when I think about our fun time together, and I can’t do that without wishing we could spend time together more often!

I picked the colors and elements in this page to complement the one that will be across from it, Meijer Garden, which I previously posted.

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  1. This page makes me smile, too. :-)
    Love the little tweaks you made to it to coordinate better with the facing page.